Coroner: Woman Killed By Deer

A Pennsylvania woman was killed Friday, June 29, when a domestic deer attacked and gored her.

York County Deputy Coroner Claude Stabley said that 30-year-old Natalie Shaffer was attacked at about 5:44 p.m. on the family property. Stabley said the deer was in a pen and that the woman died of severe trauma.

The deer was in rut, and was unpredictable. The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed the deer was an axis deer, which breed this time of year. Bucks become more aggressive at breeding time.

Dispatcher Lisa Hoffman with the PGC said the agency will not be involved because it did not involve a wild deer, and that either police or the state Department of Agriculture will be handling the investigation.

First Reported by York Daily Record

2 thoughts on “Coroner: Woman Killed By Deer

  1. SWMOPhillip

    Agree with Rick, lets bring it closer to home for our local dairy man, Another reason to oppose dairy farming is the Jersey bull roaming through the cows. Come on people, there is no difference in any area of farming. If there is given all due respect to all animals in all domains, all things concidered, accidents will be put to a minimum. Things will happen!

  2. Rick Poulin

    A am very dissapointed in your headline “Another Reason to Oppose Captive Deer; Saftey.” Based on that logic keeping any animal in captivity should be opposed. How many people have been killed by horses, cattle, and dogs?

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