Country Music Star Jason Aldean is Ready for Deer Season

The Deer & Deer Hunting TV crew caught up with Jason Aldean, brand ambassador for Field & Stream Shop and RIAA’s top digital country male artist of all time, during a photo shoot. Aldean is a native of Georgia and grew up enjoying the outdoors including hunting, fishing and just being out in the woods.

Jason Aldean will appear in video and print advertising for Field & Stream Shops, but the hard work happens in summer when wearing full camo is a sweaty deal!

While the hectic lifestyle of being on the road and as America’s top country star keep him busy, Aldean escapes each autumn and winter to the woods for downtime.

“To me my perfect day spent outdoors would probably be during the fall during deer season, a day when it’s not freezing cold outside but it’s not too warm, either,” Aldean said. “Probably somewhere mid-40s or 50 degrees where deer are moving around a bit, and honestly, just sitting in a trestand. Kinda having some peace and quiet.”

Hours of work, video and photos go into preparing advertising campaigns no matter what the product, whether it’s a smash tour like country star Jason Aldean is on now or an outdoors line of apparel and gear from Field & Stream Shops.

Watch the video to find out about Aldean’s first deer. All deer hunters remember their first buck or doe and the special excitement of that moment. Even having been on stage before millions of fans on his tours, Aldean cherishes those times in the woods. He currently showcased in an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, and is touring the country on the explosive “They Don’t Know Tour.”

Jason Aldean says his perfect day in autumn and winter is a comfortably cool day when deer are moving and he’s in the woods enjoying some quiet downtime.

Aldean crashed the country music scene with the explosive release of his 2005 smash album “Hicktown.” A native of Macon, Ga., Aldean has garnered two ACM Entertainment of the Year awards, 19 chart-topping hits and numerous other accolades as one of the most popular modern country artists today.

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