Couple Jailed Amid Probe into Items Stolen from Deer Camps

Yard sales are great places to find things for your home, yard, deer camp or workshop if you’re looking for lightly-used clothing, furnishings and tools.

handcuffsThey’re also pretty good for picking up some hunting gear. Maybe an older bow or some arrows you like, a new gun, hunting clothes or accessories. You never know what you’ll find at a yard sale.

Some Alabama folks discovered their yard sale purchases were stolen items believed to have been taken from deer hunting camps. Law enforcement officials pegged the value of the items in the “tens of thousands” of dollars.

We’ve had crossbows, heaters, tools, knives, binoculars,” Jemison Police chief Shane Fulmer. “We noticed a lot of property that didn’t fit the location. We identified some things that were some of the same items purchased and identified as being stolen.”

A couple was arrested: Charity Williams, 37, and Roger Jones, 45, of Jemison.

Fulmer said most of the recovered property is related to hunting in some way. He said at least four or five hunting camps in the Perry County area in rural locations were broken into. An investigation is continuing into other break-ins along with efforts to return stolen items to their owners.

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