Coyote Wanna Puddy Tat?

We know coyotes are pretty doggone efficient and adaptive, easily becoming accustomed to suburban development and even city life.

How often have you seen your local newspaper’s story or TV newscast’s evening segment with the sensationalistic “Coyotes Among Us!” type headline? It’s not uncommon, that’s for sure.

We’ve also heard stories about family pets disappearing and, possibly, the thought of a coyote being the culprit is a reality. Several studies and projects, including one by the American Bird Conservancy, indicates that coyotes and humans have little interaction but coyotes are pretty darn resourceful with our trash and our pets – especially cats.

Another study, “Observations of Coyote-Cat Interactions,” published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, showed ‘yotes to have a pretty healthy appetite for the felines.

Garfield, Felix and the LOLZ cats are not amused.

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