Create Great Mineral Licks for Camera Surveys, Deer Benefits

Heartland Wildlife, makers of industry-leading food plot seeds, minerals, attractants and deer feed, has announced that Lick Magic, a mineral supplement that attracts, grows and keeps big deer on your property, is now available in an 8-pound bag.

Heartland Wildlife Lick MagicAs the seasons progress, especially when spring transition to summer, sodium levels in deer forage decreases—but the need for sodium in a whitetail’s diet doesn’t decrease. Lick Magic from Heartland Wildlife provides an economical solution to this common problem, bolstering nutrition and providing a mineral site that’s perfect for capturing photos with a scouting cam.

Now available in an 8-pound bag, in addition to being offered in a 25-pound bag with an easy-carry handle—Lick Magic provides a great additional source of sodium, encouraging antler growth on bucks and a healthy herd overall.

In addition, Lick Magic’s special apple flavoring creates a mineral site that deer find irresistible. For best results, use Lick Magic in the key antler growing season, beginning immediately after the spring thaw and maintaining the site through summer. Simply pour Magic Lick on the ground and watch the health and size of your herd improve.

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