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Deer and Buffalo Do Not Play Well Together

D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt poses with Valerie Shannon and her buffalo, Cody II

Just about everyone has seen the movie Dances with Wolves, and been impressed with the thundering herd of buffalo stampeding across the movie screen. But did you know that one lone buffalo stands out from the herd? That buffalo is Cody. You may remember the buffalo hunt scene where a buffalo charges the young Indian boy, Smiles a Lot. He performed that scene enticed with his favorite treat – Oreo cookies. While traveling the Minnesota countryside earlier this week during our whitetail bow-hunt, D&DH TV Producer Chris Hermans and I visited Cody’s stomping grounds, and got an up-close visit with his son, Cody II, and his owner, Mike Fogel, and handler Valerie Shannon. They own and operate one of the largest buffalo meat operations in the Midwest.

What I found most interesting is the fact that deer and buffalo apparently do not play well together, as the old-time song suggests. According to Fogel, bison will run off wild deer when they’re grazing or merely loafing in the woodlands. Fogel even recalled one instance of where he saw his herd of buffalo stampede an intruder (a mature whitetail doe), until they cornered it and killed it.

I also couldn’t help but be amazed at the size and strength of these animals. I must admit, too, that I marveled at how American Indians hunted and killed these beasts with recurves and stone broadheads. Those bowhunts of yesteryear must have truly been adrenaline rushes to the nth degree.

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