Deer Antler Sheds: Look at These Cool Finds

This antler was a leftover from the 2010 season

The author is nearly certain that the bigger of the two sheds was from the deer his son shot this past fall. (photo courtesy of Lon Sherman)

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #8

by Lon Sherman

Wow, great weather to look for sheds. The thermometer in the truck said 75, but the weatherman said it was officially 70. Whatever, it was a glorious day to be out and looking for sheds!

My son, Lance, and I hit it hard. We spent a half-day in the woods, and “only” found two sheds. Both of the whitetail deer antlers were leftovers from last year. The mice and squirrels don’t get all of them!

Very cool observation: We are nearly 100 percent certain that the bigger of the two sheds was from the deer Lance shot this past fall. The antler is a dead ringer for Lance’s buck. Interestingly, the buck had a little more mass in 2010. We were close to finding this shed last spring, just not close enough.

The second shed that we found is old. We aren’t sure just how long it has been out there, but it is a really cool find.  I literally stumbled upon it by accident. In fact, I actually stepped on it and broke off the brow tine. It would have been almost impossible to find had I not stepped on it. It was buried in the grass and barely visible.

Deer antler shed

The author found the second shed of the day by literally stepping on it while he was scouring a grassy area.

Have a great day. Time for me to get some much-needed rest.

Your friend,


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