Deer Antler Spray Company Suing MLB

According to an article posted on CNBC’s website, a company that makes a product based on deer antler velvet is suing Major League Baseball for libel.

Nutronics Labs alleges that, last summer, the league told its players to stop taking what became one of the latest performance enhancers so as not to risk testing positive for methyltestosterone, even though it wasn’t listed as an ingredient.

As a result of what the company calls “false, misleading and malicious” statements by MLB, Nutronics says its business was significantly damaged and as much as $50 million in business could have been lost.

According to the article, Major League Baseball spokesman Matt Bourne told CNBC that the league hasn’t seen the lawsuit and therefore cannot comment on it.

According to the article, athletes have been using products made from deer antler velvet harvested from young deer because it produces a substance called IGF-1, which the companies who sell it say stimulates muscular development and aids recovery.

Deer antlers and velvet have long been considered medicinal in Eastern medicine. In fact, Deer & Deer Hunting has run several articles about the unique biological attributes of deer antlers, velvet and even blood.

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