Deer Breaks Into Pennsylvania Tax Collector Office

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania tax collector Delmos Oldham joked about upsetting Santa
Claus when a deer crashed through the window of his office.

“Maybe I upset one of his elves,” Oldham was reported as saying. The debacle went
down just after 4 in the afternoon, as the panicked deer ransacked Oldham’s workspace.

At home with his wife at the time, Oldham recieved a call from police and drove to
the office. Once there, police — acting on erroneous eye-witness reports — told him
the deer had escaped. But when he walked into the office he found a surprise:

“I turned the light on and saw her. She raised up, denting the filing cabinet. I headed
out. We were taken by surprise.”

The deer jumped up on a nearby table, knocking a copy machine to the floor and then
became trapped in the men’s bathroom, according to Oldham.

“The police went in — I saw them standing on the table — and couldn’t find her. The
door to the bathroom was closed … somehow she pushed it shut. She was in there,”
reported the Record

Police used a Taser to subdue the deer and later destroyed her.