Deer & Deer Hunting Contributor Zeke Pipher Honored With Top Writing Awards

Rev. Zeke Pipher, a popular and regular contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting, captured a Pinnacle Award for the book division at the recent Professional Outdoor Media Association conference.

pipherbuck2Pipher’s book, “Man on the Run,” is a great look through his personal experiences and those of others at how men can pursue their passions and still maintain a balanced life. Pipher admits he’s had times when he wanted to go hunting or actually is in a stand, but realizes he should be at home with his family. It’s a top read and the honors are well-deserved.

The book was published by Simon & Schuster. It’s available through Pipher’s website. Pipher also received an Outstanding Achievement award for his story “Zero Regret Bowhunting” that appeared in Petersen’s Bowhunting.

Pinnacle Award honorees were announced by Tim Anderson, public relations director and pro staff manager of Mossy Oak, at POMA’s Annual Business Conference in Columbia, S.C. on March 8. Mossy Oak has been the presenting partner of the Pinnacle Awards since the program’s inception.

The Pinnacle Awards honor journalists for remarkable achievement in traditional outdoor sports-focused communications, including writing, photography/illustration/art, broadcasting as well as content focused on wildlife conservation.

“When Mossy Oak started on a hope, a dream and a lot of hard work 27 years ago, our first efforts at marketing and public relations were made through the members of the outdoor press,” stated Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “They are the men and women who took the photos, shared our stories, and spread our obsession and passion for the outdoor lifestyle. Their words and pictures helped communicate our story better than we could have alone. They helped make our brand what it has become.”

Check out Pipher’s appearance on Deer Talk Now, where he discusses some of the things he writes about in his book along with his passion for deer hunting. Watch It Here