Deer & Deer Hunting December 2010

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Inside This Issue

Deer & Deer Hunting December 2011• Any first bow-buck is special, but what do you say about a deer that comes after 60 years of trying?

D&DH‘s behavior editor takes a closer look at the whitetail’s incredible sense of smell.

• Maintaining a slug gun specifically for hunting deer can increase your accuracy and chance of success.

• Most gun-hunters have a comfort range of 200 yards or less. However, when needed, the ability to reach farther can come in very handy.

• Optics with built-in range-compensation can improve your in-line’s effective distance, but by how much?

• Bigger bucks are better, right? When you’re talking about body weight, that can depend on how far you have to go to get them out.

D&DH‘s research editor explains why he thinks the future is rather bleak for some Northern deer herds.

• A big-buck hunter lays out the realities and stumbling blocks of a single-minded pursuit.

• A different kind of deer opener marked the closing of another chapter.

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