Deer & Deer Hunting Welcomes The Writing Huntress

Have you met Lisa Jane?


She loves to hunt.

She likes to write.

She’ll tell you all about and have a good time while she’s at it.

For the past two years, she’s been “The Writing Huntress,” penning a popular blog titled “Hunt Like You’re Hungry.” Perhaps you already follow her BLOG, or on Twitter @WritingHuntress or Instagram @WritingHuntress.

Now, The Writing Huntress joins the Deer and Deer Hunting family and becomes “The Deer Huntress.” She’ll be posting here every Thursday, starting today. Check out her new blog, The Deer Huntress HERE. Tell us (and her) what you think.

And yes folks, she is a “real” hunter.

“What I really love is the way an arrow sounds the second it escapes from a rest, the smell of dew slowly retreating in the sunlight and the humble feeling of harvesting an animal in order to provide food for my family,” she writes. “It is an ancient, beautiful ritual that should be revered and respected.  Hunting is an escape from the everyday grind, a way to be fully immersed in nature.  I relish in and am blessed by being allowed to hunt.”

We think she’ll be great addition to, and we think you’ll agree.

Lisa Jane’s weekly “The Deer Huntress” blog can only be found here at