Deer Fight Back in Iowa: Target Governor

According to a report on KMAland’s website, the black Chevy Tahoe that ferries the governor and lieutenant governor around Iowa was damaged recently in a deer-versus-vehicle crash.

Iowa Governor deer hunts

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is an active hunter. He has even appeared on top-rated hunting shows with Mark and Terry Drury of Drury Outdoors.

At the time of the wreck both Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds were riding in the S.U.V., which was being driven by a state trooper.

Tim Albrecht, the governor’s press secretary, said the accident happened at about 1:40 in the afternoon on southbound Interstate 35.

“Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds were traveling back from an event at Pine Lakes State Park in Eldora,” Albrecht says.

”At mile marker 126.5, just north of Story City, two deer crossed the path of the S.U.V. in which they were traveling. A third deer was struck by the S.U.V. and the vehicle sustained damage, but everybody’s o.k.”

The deer was killed on impact, according to Albrecht, and the trooper was able to drive away from the scene.

“The SUV was still driveable. It did sustain quite a bit of damage on the driver’s side and the driver’s door is actually unable to be opened at this point,” Albrecht says. “The vehicle is fixable and it’ll be in the shop a few days we imagine.”

One thought on “Deer Fight Back in Iowa: Target Governor

  1. Iowabucks

    Great. There is a 1/4 of the deer there used to be on my hunting properties. The governor has already made the call to sell as many tags as possible the last few years. More than even the DNR officials have recommended. Now he hits a few deer and he’s going to think the population needs to come down another 50,000. I might as well give up bowhunting and take up needlepoint.

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