Deer Hunter Dies in Freak Accident During Severe Storm

A deer hunter died in a horrible accident during severe storms that raked the Florida Panhandle on Feb. 7, officials said.

Severe storms with high wind and heavy rain drenched the northern Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana to the western Florida Panhandle. Calhoun County officials said 61-year-old Benny Hollis was discovered by his wife when he didn’t return from hunting. Calhoun County is northeast of Panama City.

“Mr. Hollis had been sitting on a 12-foot-high tripod hunting stand when strong winds from the storm uprooted a massive tree which fell on him,” according to a statement by the county sheriff’s office. “Mr. Hollis was found underneath portions of the tree stand when he was discovered and pronounced dead at the scene.”

Florida’s deer hunting season in the western Panhandle continues through Feb. 28.