Deer Hunter Puts the Slug Hammer on Running Buck

Making a shot on a running deer isn’t something you can practice easily, if at all, and maybe especially in cold weather when you’ve been standing around for a bit and muscles are stiff.

Several years ago in Austria at a Kahles Optik and Steyr rifles event we were able to shoot at an indoor facility that had moving boar targets at 100 meters. I put four shots into the kill zone before the target disappeared, good enough to earn a head nod and handshake kudo from one of our hosts.

My immediate thoughts, of course, were a silent thanks to my father for many years ago taking me hunting and shooting. Instincts and hand-eye coordination play a role, obviously, but I’ll give credit to Dad for that momentary shining moment.

This Ontario deer hunter seems nonplussed at his fine shot on this running buck with a slug gun. Hey, that’s what he was supposed to do, right? Right. Hat tip to Justin Walsh for his video:

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