Deer Hunters’ Field Guide Available Exclusively at Walmart

The publishers of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine are excited to announce the release of the new book – Deer Hunters’ Field Guide – exclusively at Walmart.

Deer Hunters Field Guide CoverThe store that has everything now has the top guide for hunters interested in all things whitetail. The new book includes expert advice on everything from calling and decoy tactics during the rut, to insights on mature buck behavior, blood-trailing tips, scouting strategies, hunting core areas and trophy land management tips – all to help you bag your next whitetail.

There are also tips from professional snipers on making your shots count, crossbow shooting advice, archery release secrets, and ways to boost your muzzleloader and slug-gun performance.

Plus, the publishers of Deer & Deer Hunting have packed Deer Hunters’ Field Guide with many more tips on aging deer, antler scoring, caping a deer hide, venison care and more than 30 mouth-watering venison grilling recipes!

Deer Hunters’ Field Guide is available at Walmart stores and at

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  1. BufordN

    I would love to get this book!! Deer Hunters’ Field Guide, I have checked online at Walmart but I guess it’s not available yet. Do you have any idea when it will be available in North Carolina?

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