Deer Hunting Shot Placement: Is the ‘No Zone’ a Myth?

Take a look at what a whitetail deer’s ribs, spine, heart, lungs and liver look like with this incredible video we shot at the 2015 Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis.

Wisconsin taxidermist Brian Johnson removed the hide, muscles and sinew to reveal a deer’s internal organs, then used an air compressor attached to the trachea to inflate the lungs. Johnson is the owner of Revolution Taxidermy Supply and has some awesome mounts along with numerous awards for his realistic designs.

He uses this partial deer and inflates the lungs to dispel the myth of a “no zone” between the lungs and spine. The “no zone” is a hotly debated topic among hunters, especially those who hit a buck or doe and watch it get away. It has happened to gun and bow hunters alike.

But Johnson says it’s a myth.

Watch the video and then comment below!

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