Deer Hunting with Dogs has a Chance

By Chris Berens, D&DH Intern

Hunters may yet have the chance to pursue deer with dogs in the Kisatchie National Forest, after an emergency session of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved a nine-day period for this December, a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries news release said. The action was necessary to change the 2011-2012 deer hunting dates that have been in place since May, which did not include deer hunting with dogs in the KNF as the regional forester banned the practice in December 2010.
Deer Hunting with Dogs
The LWFC convened for the decision to be fair to dog-deer hunters after the federal ban was reversed due to faulty decision criteria. According to the news release, U.S. Forest Service officials will continue to analyze the discrepancies with the issue of dog-deer hunting in the KNF. There will be periods for public comment and participation with a new decision probable in the fall.

KNF will require deer hunters using dogs to acquire the appropriate permits if the hunt takes place. The Dec. 17-25 season would include the Catahoula, Winn, Calcasieu and Kisatchie Ranger Districts. For the hunters already excited about the upcoming fall, the Deer & Deer Hunting Whitetails Daily Calendar can help to countdown the days remaining until hunting season.

2 thoughts on “Deer Hunting with Dogs has a Chance

  1. Alex Hall

    I respect your thought but those of us that hunt with dogs have done it for generations and we do it for the love of the dogs. there is not like the excitment of hearing a pack of dogs coming and killing a good buck infront of them. I also still hunt to I go to illinois every year and have taking some nice bucks with my bow, but nothin compares to hunting with my dogs. I run my dogs year around and compete them in feild trials its in my blood and i love it

  2. Ryan L.

    I think using dogs for hunting purposes completely takes the fun out of it. The only time I believe this should be allowed is when you shoot a deer and can’t track it down.

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