Deer in Tub Tazed

deer crashWhitetails in suburbia get themselves into some mighty strange situations. This one might top them all.

According to a news report, a startled deer broke through the front door window of an Auburn, Ind. couples’ home, ran through a collectible-filled room, entered a bathroom, kicked the door closed behind it, and somehow managed to turn on the water in the bathtub.

Police found the animal in the water-filled tub — then used a Taser to subdue it. The animal was still breathing when it was brought outside, but had deep lacerations to his neck and chest area and died shortly after being helped out of the home.

The owner of the home told the local TV station that “nothing like this had ever happened” in the 25 years she and her family lived there, and that the bathroom had recently been refurbished.

Read the Local Report HERE

Do you think the officers should have tazed the animal?