Deer Lovers’ Suit Blocks Park Service Plan

Animal “rights” activists and residents near Rock Creek Park in Maryland, just a short jump from our nation’s capitol, filed a lawsuit and blocked the National Park Service’s plan to reduce an overpopulation of deer in the park.

The park is used by recreational users and is 120 years old. It is one of the more popular parks in the area due to the number of residents who live with little to no yards or places to run, bike and enjoy getting outdoors close to home.

Deer, of course, feel the same way and have overpopulated the park to the detriment of native vegetation. National Park Service officials planned on a removal program that included sharpshooters, but the lawsuit blocked it because … the animal “rights” organization and residents want contraceptive methods to be used instead.

Here’s a tip: Live animals still have to eat the vegetation being damaged. Removing them completely helps everything and there still will be some deer prancing around to watch now and then.

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