Deer Make Themselves at Home But DNR Says Shoo

West Virginia Deer Photo by WVDNR


Seeing deer in your yard isn’t uncommon in some areas where population numbers are too high and deer decide that flower beds and yards are too nice to pass up.

But a West Virginia man caught the attention of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Police when two officers spied a deer making itself at home in the man’s home.

From WCHS ABC 8:

DNR Police said two officers were on their way to work on boat patrol on July Fourth and were gassing up the boat when they received a tip from a woman about deer being kept inside of a home in Cabell County. Officers responded to the home and found two deer inside the residence. They said the deer were inside the foyer of the residence, and some damage to the home was visible. DNR officers said there also was a strong odor of feces coming from the home.

DNR Police Officer Joshua Addessa said one of the deer was a 6-point buck, while the other was a young male deer.

During their investigation, DNR officers learned that the deer had been living inside the home for at least a year. The man who took the deer in claimed he did so because one of the animals was injured and needed medical help, the DNR said.

Ronnie Chapman of Ona was issued a citation for illegally keeping wildlife. The deer were relocated and released.

Addessa said Chapman claimed he was rehabilitating the deer but after a search of the home, it was clear to the officers that the two deer were living inside the house.


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