Deer Migration Surprises Biologists Who Want to Know More

Wildlife biologists and other researchers are studying a 150-mile migration of mule deer that is believed to be a key to the animals’ survival.

The Casper Star Tribune reported the cool story about this migration, which surprised biologists. The herd of mule deer was not known or identified until this 150-mile journey was discovered and mapped.

The deers’ migration route isn’t necessarily through wide open public land, either. It skirts neighborhoods and roads. But it’s believed a lack of development along the route has helped this herd survive.

“We’ve been blind to a large chunk of this migration to date, and been fortunate that that landscape has remained intact,” said Hall Sawyer, a researcher at Western Ecosystems Technology Inc. who discovered the migration. “But it’s important for us to understand where this route is so we can take a proactive approach in helping shape future land use practices.”

Read the full story here.


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