Deer Proposals: Telephone Check System, New Management Plan

Wisconsin deer hunters are looking at a possible future with a telephone check-in instead of mandatory in-person check stations and management for “deer population objectives” based on recommendations heading to the state’s Natural Resources Board.

Big buck from Wisconsin

Sitting with his dad and scanning the woods for deer, Kolden Krueger spied this buck as it appeared just minutes after Kolden’s dad shot an 8-pointer. Kolden dropped the buck with one shot from their shared Winchester Model 94. (photo courtesy of Kris Krueger)

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported here that those are among the proposed changes in this Green Sheet of recommendations. The proposals will be formally presented to the Natural Resources Board next week and the DNR is requesting public hearings on the proposals.

Those public hearings should be interesting, no? They’re asking for 31 meetings statewide between Oct. 22-31. After those, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would submit comments and recommendations to the board, which could vote in December for any changes to be made beginning in 2014.

A group of “deer trustees” led by James Kroll of Texas — selected by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as the ‘deer czar’ to examine the state’s deer, the DNR and the public attitudes and practices — helped provide some of the proposed changes.

Use of a telephone or computer check-in system to report deer kills would be a first for Wisconsin. Some other states have this process and a few, including Alabama, are implementing it for the current 2013-14 season.

The Journal Sentinel also reported that the proposals would also do away with numeric deer population goals. In the future, the DNR would manage toward “deer population objectives.” This proposal contradicts a recommendation from the public Science and Research action team.

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