So a Deer and Snowmobile Meet One Dark, Snowy Night …

Yikes, this definitely is one of those “Whoa, where did that come from?!?” moments and likely one the driver of this snowmobile never will forget.

Needless to say, snowmobile driver Dave Osborn has a good story to tell over a beverage or two for a long, long time. On his YouTube post Osborn said he was on a night ride in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula — Yoopers! — and “there was nothing I could do.”

It appears that the deer is a doe, or definitely an antlerless deer (maybe a small buck?), but we’re not certain.

What we are certain of is the deer leaped out between Osborn and the lead snowmobiler and then did a pretty good cartwheel. Nothing like an Olympic gymnast, of course. More like the late Chris Farley or Mike Myers on Saturday Night Live.

Take a look:

Wow! That definitely would give you the shakes. Glad to see Osborn was OK.

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