Deer Talk Now Reaches Milestone 100th Episode

Donald Trump Jr. was among the guests who have visited Deer Talk Now.

Donald Trump Jr. was among the guests who have visited Deer Talk Now.

Deer Talk Now, the web’s only show dedicated to whitetail deer hunting, management and education, will air its milestone 100th episode this Wednesday at 12 p.m. CT on Deer & Deer

Deer Talk Now, which premiered in May 2012 with Ted Nugent as the first guest, airs weekly and covers everything and anything related to deer hunting. On the 100th episode, host Daniel Schmidt will field viewer-submitted questions from the show’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages, and also through our special email account —

“Deer Talk Now was our natural extension of our magazine and TV show,” said Deer & Deer Hunting editor and Deer Talk Now co-host Dan Schmidt. “We thought our customers would love it if we interacted with them like this on a weekly basis — answer questions, feature industry insiders, etc — he was right. In a big way. It is not only fun, it helps us live the deer hunting lifestyle in a way we simply can’t do through the traditional channels of print, TV and online blogs. It’s that interaction with other deer hunters that helps make Deer Talk ‘the’ place to be on the Web.”

Throughout Deer Talk Now’s three-year run, Deer & Deer Hunting staff and professional hunters have taken on topics ranging from bow hunting and muzzleloading to trail cameras, food plots, hunting the rut, scent control, animal rights activists, hunting heritage and so much more.

Wisconsin's Paul Ryan is a diehard whitetail hunter. His was named as Mitt Romney's running mate for the presidential election in 2012.

Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan is a diehard whitetail hunter. His was named as Mitt Romney’s running mate for the presidential election in 2012.

Deer Talk Now’s first 99 episodes featured some prominent hunters and deer hunting fanatics as guest hosts, including Donald Trump Jr., U.S. Rep. and Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan, Pat and Nicole Reeve, Charles Alsheimer, Steven Rinella, Scott Leyseth, Mark Drury, Don Higgins and more. Their thoughts represent diverse opinions yet they all embrace the deep passion held by deer hunters throughout the country.

All previous episodes are archived and can be viewed free of charge.

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