DeKrey Named to NoDak Wildlife Position

North Dakota Game and Fish Director Terry Steinwand has appointed Duane DeKrey as the agency’s new deputy director.

DeKrey began his new position Jan. 1. Game and Fish had been without a deputy director since June when Roger Rostvet, who had served in the position since 1998, retired.

“During my search for a deputy, I was looking for an individual who would work with me to address challenges into the future,” Steinwand said. “Duane showed that he is willing and has the ability to integrate our current views, as well as provide a different viewpoint that will help move the department forward.”

Steinwand added that DeKrey is well-versed in the Game and Fish Department’s mission and will be a strong advocate for hunting, angling and other conservation issues.

DeKrey, a native of Pettibone in northern Kidder County, served in the North Dakota Legislature for 20 years and was a member of the House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee. He is an avid deer hunter, a landowner, a graduate of North Dakota State University, and has served more than 30 years in the North Dakota National Guard.

“I’ve always had an interest and appreciation for wildlife, and I gained great respect for the Game and Fish Department during my years in the legislature,” DeKrey said. “Now I look forward to working with Terry, the rest of the staff, and the state’s citizens to help find solutions to major issues facing the agency.”