Destination Whitetail: Lost or Found, Up or Down?

This week on Destination Whitetail, host Brittney Leigh Glaze returns to Illinois with a muzzleloader but has lost her tag. It’s not a big problem, right? That’s what she thinks, until she finds out getting a replacement is not possible.

Destination  Brit w bowGet hooked on Destination Whitetail with host Brittney Leigh Glaze and watch some of the best deer hunting every Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. Eastern (7:30 Central) on Sportsman Channel.

Destination Whitetail investigates the people, places and ways to hunt white-tailed deer throughout North America. In the 43 states that have populations of deer, their habitat varies. So, too, do the traditions and methods used to hunt them.

Destination Whitetail follows every imaginable type of hunter and weapon used, from guns to bows. Join Glaze, a diehard “country girl” and successful fashion model from Georgia, and the Destination Whitetail team along with special guests as they experiences the emotional roller coaster of hunting season all deer hunters face.

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