Destination Whitetail Showcases Deer Hunting, Sustainable Living

Stacy Harris prepares venison throughout the year for her family and knows great ways to make the preparation and cooking easier.

Stacy Harris prepares venison throughout the year for her family and knows great ways to make the preparation and cooking easier.

On this week’s all-new episode of Destination Whitetail, we travel to Alabama to follow a family of nine is dedicated to sustainable living by hunting and gathering its way to a full freezer all year.

The episode airs on the Sportsman Channel July 23 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.



Stacy and Scott Harris and their seven children invite the Destination Whitetail cameras into their home and garden to experience a fully sustainable lifestyle—and, of course, to enjoy a beautiful home-cooked meal. The Harris family avoids the supermarket as much as possible and instead uses their property to produce enough food to satisfy nine mouths. They accomplish this with diverse gardens for every season, a large chicken coop and, of course, deer hunting.

Throughout the episode, Stacy Harris, a gourmet venison chef and author of the book Recipes & Tips for Sustainable Living, emphasizes the benefits of properly cooking wild game with wild vegetables and herbs when they are at peak freshness.

Stressing the importance and benefits of swiftly delivering food from the farm to the table, the Harris family further offers a peek into how they quickly get their hunted deer from the field into a truck and right to the processing stand to get the best taste and nutrients from their meat. Plus, viewers will hear Stacy’s top three tips for maintaining healthy chickens.

Get inspired to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle into your own routine by tuning in to this week’s Destination Whitetail.

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Destination Whitetail, produced by F+W Outdoors, premiered in 2012 on the Sportsman Channel. The series investigates the people, places and ways to hunt whitetail throughout North America. In the 43 states that have deer populations, their habitat varies as greatly as the traditions and methods used to hunt them.

Destination Whitetail goes behind the scenes with some of the outdoor industry’s most prolific personalities and learns how whitetails have contributed to their success. After its first season, Destination Whitetail was named a finalist for the 2012 Sportsman Choice Awards for “Best New Series.”