Did EHD Kill This Record-Class Nontypical Whitetail From Kansas?

We get a lot of emails and photos about big deer, and this one is a crusher for several reasons.

Did EHD kill this massive Kansas whitetail deer?

Did EHD kill this massive Kansas whitetail deer?

One, it’s just a monstrous buck. Our email tipster said this one came from Kansas and just one look at the great mass of antlers lets you know this one was a genuine brute. Kansas produces some great whitetail deer and deer hunters know they can possible score the buck of a lifetime, including a potential world record buck, hunting there.

The other reason this just crushes us is the possibility that this buck died due to EHD. When the disease hits, it doesn’t discriminate on age or how great a buck might be. This monster still had velvet on its antlers when the hunter found it, so it’s quite possible the deer died last autumn or late summer, when EDH is most prevalent.

We’re following up on this, so if anyone has insight to the buck let us know and stay tuned.