DirecTV Removes Versus from Programming

by Ben Sobieck, online editor

Sixteen million DirecTV subscribers will not be catching the new episode of Deer
& Deer Hunting TV
on Versus channel when it airs Sept. 5.

The contract between DirecTV and Comcast, which owns Versus, ended Aug. 31. The parties
could not agree on terms of renewal. This affects Deer & Deer Hunting TV,
as well as other sports and outdoors programming.

“[Comcast’s] unreasonable demands are the economic equivalent of juicing to gain an
advantage over its competitors,” Derek Chang, executive vice president of DirecTV,
wrote in a
. “And our fear is that their egregiously greedy behavior may ultimately
kill coverage of your favorite sports on television.”

On its Web site, Versus put out a call to
action to re-instate its programming on DirecTV. It offered an online
to contact DirecTV.

“We are hopeful that DirecTV will make the right decision for its customers and put
Versus back on the air so sports fans can continue to enjoy all of the network’s marquee
programming,” Samantha Melton, Comcast programming manager, said in an e-mail to Deer
& Deer Hunting TV

“In the meantime, we urge you to call 1-800-642-1923 to demand that DirecTV puts Versus
back on, or visit for more information
about how to switch to another video provider.”

One of those providers is Dish Network. Its subscribers can opt for a three-month
trial of the channel. Dish Network can be contacted at 888-534-2176.

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