Doe with Attached Antlers Fails to Fool Authorities

Burlington Free Press

A 10-point antler rack, bolted and glued to the head of a slain doe last fall, raised
the blaze-orange flag of state game wardens.

But ultimately it was poor sportsmanship — not his skill with hand tools — that
nailed Marcel Fournier, 19, of Concord in the prosecution’s case.

The Vermont State’s Attorney Office released documents Thursday that show that, over
the course of several months, Fournier illegally hunted does and at least one immature
buck, using his Jeep’s headlights to spot (or “jack”) his quarry.

Fournier’s amateur taxidermy, documented in a trophy Polaroid photograph and in Vermont
District Court records, put authorities on the trail. His game violations cost Fournier
$400 in fines and a 10-day jail term, levied Feb. 18.

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