Dog-Deer Hunting Ban in Louisiana

 By Chris Berens, D&DH Intern

Dog-Deer HuntingThe future of deer hunting with dogs in the Kisatchie National Forest of Louisiana is still in question. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a decision was made this July by the Forest Service Chief’s Office in Washington, D.C. to reverse the Regional Forester’s 2010 decision to ban deer hunting with dogs in the Kisatchie. The reversal pointed out several technical deficiencies that must be reviewed and corrected before a new decision can be made this fall. There will be a period for public comment once the new decision is announced. Deer hunting with dogs in the Kisatchie though, will still not be allowed this coming season. 

An article in the Leesville Daily Leader said that many who disagree with the dog-deer hunting ban have cited that the area will lose a large amount of revenue from the hunters that buy fuel, groceries and supplies during the hunting season. Hunters who disagree with the ban point out that deer hunting with dogs is a long-time tradition not only in the Kisatchie, but in many regions of the South. There are currently nine other southern states that allow deer hunting with dogs. However, the article incorrectly states that deer hunting with dogs will be allowed in the Kisatchie this fall.

National Forest Service Regional Forester, Liz Agpaoa, said safety concerns were the main reason she filed the December 2010 ban after an increase in the amount of disputes and offenses that involved dog-deer hunters, the article stated. She made the decision after reviewing an environmental analysis and over 1,200 public comments on the issue. Normal dog-deer hunting is still open in other areas of Louisiana subject to the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ regulations.

3 thoughts on “Dog-Deer Hunting Ban in Louisiana

  1. david pearsall

    This is not a form of hunting that I have ever participated in, being from NY. However I feel that if it were legal in my state I would at least try it. There are always going to be disputes over many aspects of hunting, no matter what style of hunting you participate in. If this ban goes through, next thing you know hunting bear, or other game with dogs could be next, Not only in Louisiana, but other states follow precidents set by other states as well. Don’t hunters have enough enemies trying to stop us without us bickering amongst ourselves!

  2. nat baggett

    Things in Bienville parish got so broken up i gave up hunting with deer dogs, but it is a southern tradition and like dog hunting in leases or areas big enough not to aggrivate alot of still hunters that seem to think the running deer was their deer, even tho that deer might have been jumped miles away! Deer dogs can’t read property markers, but they hurt little if they cross your property, probably a deer crossing your land from another area, and one you might get a shot at!

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