Don’t Miss New TV Show, “Land of Whitetail”

Watch hunting videos with the new show, "Land of Whitetail"Land of Whitetail is a new TV show about the people and places surrounding whitetails. It covers in-depth topics not only about how and where to hunt deer, but how they affect the landscape.

Land of Whitetail debuts this week on The Pursuit Channel. Here are upcoming show times:

Wednesday, June 29 – 6:30 p.m. EST
Sunday, July 3 – 7 a.m. EST
Wednesday, July 6 – 6:30 p.m. EST
Sunday, July 10 – 7 a.m. EST
Wednesday, July 13 – 6:30 p.m. EST

Click here for a sneak peak video.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss New TV Show, “Land of Whitetail”

  1. Steven Suriani Jr.

    Welcome to the Brotherhood dusanmal. I agree with you,sometimes our sport, as beautiful as it is, can seem gruesome. If you can’t take the sight of certain things, then you either don’t hunt, or I’m just very confused. There’s always golf. LOL!

  2. dusanmal

    Watched it today… Good program.
    Comment on one of show topics: at age 45 and typical urban dweller I am on path of becoming a hunter. Got mandatory education, got license, learning … waiting for December.
    Comment on potential topics for the show: all hunting shows I have seen try to keep absolutely away from anything that could be interpreted as "gore". I understand intent not to upset non-hunters and/or ad-revenue but the shows are about hunting. Some "gore" comes with territory, particularly when it has educational value (say, field dressing deer). Should be OK to show with advanced warning (be it that there are much worse scenes in regular TV programming).
    Anyway, congratulations on new program and you have new fan.

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