Dude, Like, Spray This Doe Pee All Over Those Shelves

This one definitely goes into the News of the Weird file and it’s not even one that you could chuckle at because it’s just downright stupid and juvenile, to be honest.

An 18-year old and 24-year old were arrested in Oklahoma for spraying deer urine on products at a Walmart store. Cody Hudson, 18, and Jon Ohlman, 24, were arrested by police in Owasso, Okla., for damaging more than $2,500 in products during their recent episode.

β€œIt’s just kind of shameful. I mean, these kids need to grow up,” said Brian Goodin in this report.

The damage occured to toys, fabrics and shoes. After being called to the Walmart to investigate, police found the two across the street and arrested them when they admitted to it.

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