Edson Gets Hot in Nebraska


D&DH Managing
Editor Jacob Edson just returned from southern Nebraska, where high temperatures couldn’t
slow down the rut’s chase phase.

Edson was hunting with Wild Things Outfitting,
in Pawnee City, Neb. Although daytime temperatures soared into the 70s, the mature
bucks were on their feet harassing does. On the third day of the hunt, after watching
multiple mature deer chasing does just out of bow range, Edson arrowed this dandy
3-year-old. However, earlier in the day, he also had a shot opportunity go awry on
an even larger buck thanks to a well placed limb. The number of mature deer moving
well into the day was simply astonishing considering the weather.

According to WTO owner, Tim Puhalla cool temperatures have now settled in and the
chasing and breeding are getting even hotter.

For more information on the Nebraska rut and a chance to hunt some of the best ground
Nebraska has to offer, contact Puhalla at (402) 520-0006, or visit www.wtohunt.com.
And, look for a full story on Nebraska’s amazing and overlooked southeast corner in
an upcoming issue of D&DH.