EHD Suspected Deer Had Rabies Instead

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said a deer found in Mower County tested positive for rabies after the animal was reported acting sick by a local.

DNR officials found the deer shortly before it died and had it tested for diseases about three weeks ago. Results came back positive for rabies.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health’s records, that is the first deer to ever test positive for rabies within the state.

Because of the nationwide outbreak of EHD that disease was suspected, but rabies was identified as the true culprit.

Although rabies might seem surprising in whitetails, D&DH has reported on it in the past.

In fact just this summer, we had THIS STORY about a woman who was KICKED IN THE FACE BY A RABID WHITETAIL.

And previously, we had THIS STORY about a hunter who contracted rabies from a BUCK THAT “GROWLED” at him.