Exclusive Video of Potential Record Buck!

This 27-point buck was taken by Wayne Schumacher in Central Wisconsin. Schumacher took the amazing deer with a Mathews bow at 15 yards.

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The Schumacher Buck: D&DH’s Exclusive First Look
On Sept. 20, 2009, Wayne Schumacher, of Fond du Lac, Wis., killed a massive 27-point buck with a 15-yard shot.

D&DH managing editor Jacob Edson and TV producer Chris Hermans got an exclusive first look at the amazing animal that grossed roughly 251 inches and might net more than 230 inches and surpass Wisconsin’s all-time archery record. The deer had an inside spread of 21 5/8".

To get an up-close look at this amazing 27-point buck, whitetailvideos/” target=”_blank”>Watch the Video.

For exclusive video of the buck tv/” target=”_blank”>Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

Join the forum and take your best guess of how this buck will score. Whoever gets closest to the final score will win a mystery prize package from Deer & Deer Hunting. 

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Schumacher had his "Mathews Moment." When will you have yours?

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Update: Trail-Cam Photo Released of the Big Buck in Velvet.

Deer & Deer Hunting was contacted by the father of an American soldier serving in Iraq who was monitoring the 27-point buck taken recently by Wayne Schumacher. Now that "Mr. Big" has been taken, the soldier shares a trail camera photo of the big buck in velvet.