Expanded Hunting Opportunities Considered

The Oklahoma City Game and Fish Commission voted unanimously during its meeting April 2 to recommend allowing 20 bow hunters to set up deer stands in October in parts of the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge and 20 hunters at Lake Stanley Draper.

According to this report in The Oklahoman, the proposal is being considered and, as expected, is being met with resistance from some local residents and the Oklahoma City police.

Apparently, the police department is concerned about archers’ arrows flying down … as opposed to the hunters who pursue deer flying in the air or climbing in trees, perhaps?

Hunting already is allowed for waterfowl. The proposal would expand hunting opportunities, in limited amounts, for other hunters on public land.

Joe McCrary, a commissioner with the Oklahoma City Game and Fish Commission Commissioner Joe McCrary, favors opening more areas.

“I’m a hunter and I make no apologies about it,” McCrary said. “We want to give these people … the opportunity to hunt in a huntable area.”

Read the entire report by clicking this link.