Fewer Doe Tags Available

According to reports from Pennsylvania, the PA Board of Game Commissioners last week voted to issue 888,000 antlerless deer permits for the 2012-13 hunting season. That’s down from last year’s allocation of 913,000.

pa management unitsTags were cut in nine wildlife management units, increased in seven and kept the same in six.

Lancaster Online reported this year’s allocations for each unit are based on a series of factors calculated by the Game Commission’s deer management team.

For starters, a statewide survey of residents of all stripes — that is, not just hunters — shows residents believe the deer populations in the WMUs where they live is just right in every unit except WMUs 2F, 2G and 3A.

In those three WMUs, residents believe deer numbers are too low.

Deer populations are considered by biologists to be stable in every WMU except WMUs 2D, 2G, 3C and 4B.

There, biologists say, deer populations are increasing.

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