First Time Muzzleloader Buck Is A Hoss!

Beau Johnson of Mississippi may have to retire after his first muzzleloader deer hunt, because he may not top this wall-hanger!

As related in Mississippi Sportsman, Johnson and his father, Shane, went hunting during the state’s muzzleloader season. He’s 15 years old and state regulations allow youngsters his age to use any firearm, but he wanted to give the smokepole a try.

They got to their stands, about 100 yards apart, and within half an hour Beau was trying to watch his big buck after he’d double-lunged it with the muzzleloader. But he wasn’t sure he’d hit it due to the smoke and his excitement. He fired a text message to his father and they decided to wait a few hours to hunt some more since the deer were pretty active.

The buck didn’t go far, though, and the excitement ensued when they found the old-timer. The 12-pointer sported an extra beam and green scored at 164. Quite a buck!

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