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Flashback: Big-Buck Hunters of the North Woods

A Legendary Deer Camp

Although many old-time deer camp photos depict sagging meat poles, hunting big bucks was far from easy. Back then, North America was home to only 500,000 whitetails. Due to the growing nation’s demand for fresh venison, market hunting nearly wiped out the herd. Conservation efforts and modern deer hunting regulations (bag limits), however, brought the herd back with a vengeance.

A big part of the whitetail’s resurgence can be linked to logging efforts in Northern areas. As lumber operations boomed, the deer population exploded with the emergence of second-growth timber. Such efforts are still vital to today’s herds, but modern land management has certainly evolved to better accommodate the whitetail’s needs.

I personally can’t get enough of old-time photos like these. They evoke thoughts of cooking over hot oak coals, hunting deer in the rugged wilderness, and spending "man time" with other hardcore deer hunters. The thrill of such hunts certainly transcend time; it must be something that’s simply wired in our DNA.

4 thoughts on “Flashback: Big-Buck Hunters of the North Woods

  1. Rudy from Huntography

    Love these old deer hunting photos as well. Something very pure about them.

  2. DeerCamp

    Great pic! Jays sporting goods has a ver big photos like this at their store..I love it!

  3. paul Helf

    love these old deer hunting photos. certainly a simpler time, more about putting your time in and less about technology.

  4. Jon 5 buck

    Look at number 3 deer from the left..can you say ”Haus”…man that is one chunky deer…nice photo..i love these old pics also..nothing was easy way back.

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