Food Plot Update: Chicory Explodes


by Jacob Edson, managing editor

After planting our late season food plot with a Frigid Forage brassica mix last week,
I’m getting extremely excited for the season.

We have stands hung on that plot and the large destination plots we planted earlier
this spring. While the fall plot is just starting to sprout, those early plots are
doing really well — especially the chicory in the mix!

And the deer are hitting the chicory pretty hard right now. So far we’ve done one
mowing to keep the weeds back, but now the deer are taking over that chore.

According to Whitetail
, a chicory and clover mix can be great for areas that experience high
summer heat and summer drought, which can slow clover production.

While we haven’t had the heat this summer, at one point we were nearly 6 inches below
average on rainfall. This is one reason it’s wise to use a seed blend. You never know
what weather the coming year holds.

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