Food Plot Update: Perfect Timing?

by Jacob Edson, D&DH managing editor

Wow. My timing is never this great. Last night, my hunting partners and I
planted our late season hunting plot with Frigid
Forage Big-N-Beasty
Brassica mix
. It started raining at midnight and hasn’t stopped for the past
14 hours.

According to Frigid Forage’s John Barsody, precipitation is even more
important than timing in late-season plot success.

If rain is in the forecast, even if you have to push your time-table up a
week or two, get that seed in the ground.


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    My buddy and I planted our first food plot this weekend and it started raining about a half an hour after we got done and back to my cabin. Hopefully the rain will spring things into action soon. We will be checking up on it in two weekends and hopefully something will be starting to sprout.Posted by: iknowiforgotsomething

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