FOX Admits Policy Against Ammo, Firearms Ads

An official with FOX Sports Media Group in California confirmed Monday its anti-gun and anti-hunting advertising policies after a request for clarification from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Photo: © National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc.

The NSSF request asking FOX to lift its ban on firearms and ammunition advertising on Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts was dismissed with a form letter from the network. The network’s form letter said the policy is for its national and cable broadcasts but said local stations or regional networks may accept advertising.

The NSSF has mounted a campaign to get hunters, shooters and outdoorsmen to write to FOX about its “ill-considered corporate policy.” The foundation also said in a statement on its site that “FOX’s decision to ban advertisements for lawful products owned by more than 80 million Americans is nothing more than corporate gun control – and it is certainly not “fair and balanced”.”

Should you wish to contact FOX, do so at:

Corporate Headquarters FSN
10201 W. Pico, Bld. 103
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: 310-369-1000