Geneticist Stung In Semen Swiping Scandal

This might be a first for a police rap sheet.

According to an Associated Press report, geneticist Raymond Favero of Braidwood, Ill., pleaded guilty to wrongful acquisition of wildlife in interstate commerce for illegally obtaining semen from a whitetail deer in Texas.

Because of the value of the buck’s semen – $92,000 (holy cow!) – and that it crossed state lines, the case was heard in federal court. A federal judge in Tyler, Texas, sentenced Favero, 55, to three years probation and fines totaling $30,000. The money is to be paid to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

According to the report, Favero illegally acquired semen from a buck in Cherokee County that he knew came from an out-of-state source. Investigators say he did this again in 2008 from another buck.