Georgia Senate Cans Canned Hunt Bill

Axis buck in velvet

by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

The Georgia Senate yesterday voted down a bill that would have opened the floodgates
to hunting exotic animals at high-fence operations. It appears, however, that Senate
Bill 188 was voted down not so much because it would allow hunting exotics in enclosures,
but rather vague language that some believe would have allowed hunting of endangered
species. Supporters of the bill vow to reintroduce a cleaner version in the future.

According to reports, the bill would have allowed for the hunting of “alternative
livestock.” The original bill called for the hunting of axis, sika and red deer; reindeer
and caribou, and myriad hybrids of these species. It also called for hunting of many
exotics, including waterbuck antelope, horned oryx, Barbary sheep and black belly

The Senate defeated the bill on a vote of 30-20.

According to a report by the Georgia DNR, a large majority of state residents think
it should be illegal to hunt non-native deer in a fenced enclosure, and they oppose
it, even if it would generate economic activity for rural Georgia.

To read the bill, click on this link: HERE.

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