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Are you ready for another season of the most acclaimed whitetail program on television?

Deer & Deer Hunting TVSeason 8 of Deer & Deer Hunting Television is geared up and ready to go! The first episode airs this Saturday at 9 a.m EST (8 a.m. CST), on NBC Sports network.

From unraveling deer behavior on public lands to providing proper nutrition to grow bigger deer on private ground, D&DH-TV’s eighth season will cover the gamut of all things whitetail in 11 new episodes. We’ll also reveal our exclusive, new North AND South rut predictions, which will help you select the best days to hit the woods this autumn.


Deer & Deer Hunting Season 8 Episodes

Airs every Saturday at 9 a.m. EST (8 a.m. CST) on NBC Sports.

Episode 1: “Deer Camps of Yesterday & Today”
D&DH looks at how deer camps have changed from the rugged minimalist camps of the past. Today’s deer camp is alive and well but it comes in many forms. Vital Information returns with new super slow-mo footage of arrows in flight.

Episode 2: “Public Land Hunting”
At viewers’ request, we cover what it takes to be successful to harvest deer on land anyone can hunt. Urban bowhunting and big woods are discussed. Tune in to find out what is needed to harvest heavily pressured deer. Vital information covers shot placement in heavy cover.

Episode 3: “Gamey to Gourmet – Guide to Venison”
What makes venison delicious and tender? Preparation. Find out how to make even the pickiest beef lover rave over your venison steaks and find out what makes the meat have a “gamey” flavor. Vital Information uses the Deer & Deer Hunting Shot Simulator app to discuss proper shot placement.

Episode 4: “Trophy or Food?”
Are you hunting to put venison in your freezer or are you after that trophy of a lifetime?  We explore the best methods for each type of hunting and how they differ. Super slow-motion footage is used to discuss another shot on Vital Information.

Episode 5: “Northern Rut Prediction”
This season, we break up this show into two parts. We will cover Northern rut predictions for this fall and tell you the best time to be in the woods for rutting behavior in the North. We cover another shot on Vital Information

Episode 6: “Southern Rut Prediction”
For the first time, we cover what happens in the South during the rut and explain why it varies so much. Multiple species integration and seasonal shifts are only part of what makes this prediction do difficult.  Vital Information discusses another shot with our Shot Simulator app.

Episode 7: “Harvesting Diversity Today”
We find out how many different ways there are to hunt whitetail throughout the country.  And how strategies differ as greatly as the weapons. Vital Information covers shot placement scenarios from a hunt.

Episode 8: “Feeders: Nutrition vs. Hunting”
In states that allow feeders, the debate over what to put in those feeders is an ongoing topic. We consider the pros and cons of these supplemental feeds and help you to come up with the best formula for your situation. On Vital Information we break down shot options when seconds count.

Episode 9: “Hot Doe”
What happens to a doe when she enters the estrous cycle?  To a young doe this can be a very dangerous time in her life. We follow what happens to the does when they are suddenly given constant pressure by aggressive bucks. Vital Information is using the Shot Simulator app to discuss shot placement.

Episode 10: “Population Control”
With whitetails thriving in urban communities all across the country we study the options that are being used to keep the herd at healthy numbers. Has urban bow hunting become the best option? We discuss shot placement on Vital Information.

Episode 11: “Predators”
With healthy deer populations comes predators wanting easy meals. How do predators affect deer and what affects do they have on the environments they live and hunt in? Vital Information uses super slow-mo arrow flight to educate hunters on shot placement.

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