Giant 22-Point Is Among State’s Best Ever!

Fletcher Culpepper and his 22-point Georgia monster. (Photo: WALB 10 /

Who says monsters can’t be found in the Southeast?

Fletcher Culpepper of Georgia couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the mass of antlers atop the 260-pound buck. Although the Peach State produces some fine whitetails, it’s uncommon to see the body size and antler mass of Culpepper’s doozy.

In fact, this one probably will be among the top five or so all-time in the Georgia record books! It had 22 points and was green scored at a hair above 233 inches.

Culpepper was hunting Monday with his father when he spied the buck in an area where he’d heard two deer fighting. Definitely pays off sometimes to pay attention to your surroundings and be alert!

Check out the full story from WALB 10 in Albany by going here.

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