Gigantic Velvet Buck is a Jaw-Dropping Stunner

Monster velvet buck reportedly killed in Minnesota and it's a freak!

Monster velvet buck reportedly killed in Minnesota and it’s a freak!

Big buck reports are rolling in from all parts of the country as deer seasons open, and we’re starting to see some magnificent deer that make our jaws drop!

This one is definitely in that category. We’re still trying to find out more information about the hunter and the buck. Internet chatter and social media sites have this one coming from Winona or Houston counties in Minnesota, possibly, but we’re still checking.

Just at a rough count of this giant buck we see at least 20 points, including the droptine, that possibly could be scored. But with so much huge mass we may be missing a point or three. Look at those bases, though! Wow. This definitely is a stunner buck.

If anyone has information about the buck or leads to the hunter, drop us a line at


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