Got Antlers? It’ll Cost Ya

whitetail deer huntingTransporting your trophy home on the airlines has always been something of a hassle, but now it is getting more expensive.

US Airways has announced the doubling of fees for transporting your trophies — to $200 per set of antlers each way.

Checked luggage? That fee’s bad enough, but $200 one way for antlers is a little much.

Here are the new rules:

Dimension (H + W + L) must not exceed 120 in/305 cm

On the CRJ aircraft the largest dimension cannot exceed 33 in/84 cm and the overall dimensions cannot exceed 99 in/252 cm

On the Dash 8 aircraft the largest dimension cannot exceed 50 in/127 cm

Head/skull must be completely clean and free of residue

Points must be covered and protected

One rack per ticketed customer

Can’t combine or cradle two or more racks

Source US Airways Baggage Policies